Selection by Marian Beke

Morand 1889 Mixology Line Eau-de-Vie from four generations of fine distillers of fruits in the High Rhône Valley nestled in the heart of the Alps in Martigny, Switzerland.

Four generations of distillers that have kept up a quality family tradition for over a century. Our eau de vie bring to perfection the quintessential flavour of the William Pears and Luizet Apricots which find their terroir of excellence in the High Rhône Valley in the heart of Swiss Alps. The production extends to other local fruits such as quince, cherries, Plum, and Raspberry; just to name a few.

The new Morand 1889 mixology line brings you all the finest classic fruit spirits as well as tailored flavours and beautifully accompanies any cocktail creation.

Marian Beke

Bar owner & bartender at London